Warehousing and Other Services

Invictus has settled into a completely new building, which was built in 2013. These warehousing premises, covering approx. 2000 sqm, fully satisfy the requirements applied to cardboard/ paper production and warehousing activities. The services include:

  • Storage of pallets and reels of different sizes and weights (maximum roll weight: 3000 kg; diameter: 1700 mm;
  • Inventory of pallets and reels (maximum weight: 3000 kg; maximum dimensions: 2000 x 2000 mm;
  • Packaging of pallets and reels;
  • Loading works (loading or unloading 4 heavy-weight vehicles simultaneously) or rapid reloading!

Temperature is being maintained in the premises all over the year: 18-25°C.
The premises are humidified and dehumidified in order to maintain relative air humidity level of 50-55%. Microclimate data records are maintained every day.